Hi we’re Ellie & Avani

We started our journey at the MDS AdSchool in Auckland, New Zealand. Like every AdSchool partnership before us, we became a team after consuming several $4 beers and using our newfound $24 courage to finally ask. The next generation won’t know such hardship when we invent the “Tinder for creative teams”

It was a drunken decision we don’t often regret, (except when Avani keeps inventing Tinder for things) as we’d go on to graduate top of our class with a scholarship from Marsden Inch and an internship at Barnes, Catmur & Friends.

In our first PR glamour shot, we got to tick something off the bucket list by holding a giant cheque.

Marsden Inch Media Design-thumb-400x297-137309

It was good we had something to hold because we’d later find out Ellie finds it difficult to cross her arms in PR pics.

DDB New Creatives Jan 2015-thumb-400x241-174376



In 2014 we won a Young Guns Gold for some of our student work, and later moved to DDB Sydney to pursue a career in being Australian.

Here we’ve worked on some of Australia’s major brands, most notably McDonald’s who we’ve repositioned for the Australian market (which is like New Zealand but not as good at rugby), helped introduce their biggest change ever – Create Your Taste, and made Big Mac Special Sauce available for the first time ever as its own product – a campaign that has won awards at Cannes and Spikes Asia

But it hasn’t been all work, our time in Sydney has also exposed us to many exotic new things – like dangerous animals, trains that can go underground and espresso martinis.
We were also fortunate enough to head over to Las Vegas, selected as a group of 100 young creatives globally to experience the world of the LIA Awards and hear from some of the best in the industry.

In 2016, Ellie was on the jury for the Young Guns Awards.

We were also shortlisted for B&T Magazine’s 30 under 30.

This year we’re branching out and developing some of our own products on the side – watch this space.

We don’t really understand LinkedIn and have started a blog on how we’re training in all the skills we ended up being endorsed for. Speaking of which, if you’d like to get in touch, you can find our LinkedIn profiles here and here, or email us.

Ellie & Avani

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